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I grew up a military kid with my Mother & Father in various localities such as Oahu, Hawaii, Guam, Washington State, San Diego, Ca and Denver Colorado,  to name a few.    My travels taught me a great deal about people, cultures and philosophies,  experiencing first hand the many different  perspectives that shape individuals and our world. 

During this time, my Father (Al Mauro Sr.) was also an actor, Screen Actors Guild coach, a live music performer, a boxer and expert martial artist.  He was the one who introduced me to all kinds of arts culture and how to excel one's self within, making sure I was exposed to the fullness of what each offered, a priceless education.  

Like my Father, my Mother (Scarlett) also played a strong hand in my moral compass and taught me about grace and taking my soul searching wherever I wished to go.  Their unconditional love, support and grounding truly set me on a path of self discovery and pushing the limits of what one is capable. 

As I got older, I began to branch out and share my creativity and passions more and more.  It was a difficult road at times as for anyone who see's life and creativity different than the norm, however, I always pushed forward.  

By the end of high school, I had a lot building up inside and wasted no time beginning to work with various producers, workshops and mentors in the film and music industry who took their craft seriously.  I soon began producering for stage and assist other artists in the recording studios, producing their music.  

Finally, I shifted gears and began recording my own music, making my own films and started a production company, Scarlett Monet. 

Things really began to snowball after that as I have become a screen writer, director and consultant in various fields of business, self development, self improvement and spirituality.  I now take a more organic and life balancing approach to how business and productivity is done.  

I believe that no matter where we are in life, one is exactly where they need to be in order to learn and explore the inner reaches of ourselves as we develop into what one truly is beyond the veil of the image one thinks they are.  I feel it's my duty and service to my country and to people of all walks of life, to uphold truth, gratitude and pay forward what was so lovingly past to myself.  

- Al




Al Mauro is President / CEO of Scarlett Monet (Productions & Publishing Company) acting as a professional consultant for the arts community as well as helping others through motivational speaking, lectures & life transformation coaching.  

Al has also gained attention as an award winning filmmaker, director, screenwriter & actor on various film, stage and creative projects.  

As a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist & composer,  Al has had 3 singles top the Reverbnation charts at #1 for a consecutive year as well as gained an underground following.   His versatility ranges from rock, blues, country, soul, new wave, experimental, instrumental & classical.  Visit The Music 

Today, Al Mauro is continuing to amaze and inspire, leading the way to new and exciting projects, passions and assisting others to reach their highest potential.